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Town of St. George

Town of St. George

The little town in the heart of Chittenden County, Vermont

The little town in the heart of Chittenden County, Vermont

Tree in St. George - Photo Taken by Kristopher Crown
Rainy Leaf - Photo Taken by Kristopher Crown
Bee Gathering Pollen - Photo taken by Kristopher Crown
Blueberries - Photo taken by Kristopher Crown
Rainbow in St. George - Photo taken by Kristopher Crown

Town Notices, Ordinances & Warnings

2018 Elections

Date: Tuesday, November 6th

Hours: 7am - 7pm

Polling Location: Town Hall, 21 Barber Road





Vermont Gas Inline Inspection FAQ

July 9, 2018


What is an inline inspection?

As part of our work to ensure the safety and integrity of our system, Vermont Gas will be conducting an inline inspection (ILI) of the 41-mile Addison Natural Gas Project beginning July 9 and extending for about a month. The ILI is a smart testing tool that travels through the pipeline and allows the Company and a third-party contractor to survey the condition of the entire 41-mile pipeline in a safe, non-disruptive manner.


What does the inspection involve?

A total of four inspection tools will travel through the entire line, from Colchester to Middlebury. The first two are cleaning tools to prepare the pipe for the smart tools. The second two are the smart tools which provide us with information about the condition of the pipeline along the entire route. This process will take place throughout the day and night for about a month.


Will this process be disruptive to the community?

Our teams will monitor the work 24 hours a day – which will require crews to be stationed at specific locations along the right of way. The public may notice a small VGS construction vehicle along the line. Individuals will be clearly identified as VGS contractors and staff. There should be very little noise associated with this inspection. We will work closely with law enforcement, first responders, town officials, community members, landowners and our regulators to keep everyone informed as the process moves forward.


Who should we call if we have a question about the inspection process?

Our team in the office will know where our crews are monitoring at all times, so anyone with a question about a parked truck or employee, visit


What about a large flame, will that happen again?

We heard questions and concerns from the community after our last ILI work, and are now using a different method that does not require a flare.


Will the results be public?

We are required to share the findings of this inspection with our regulators at the Vermont Department of Public Service. Due to pipeline security, some data may not be public.


Will gas service be interrupted?

Our customers should not experience a disruption in service as a result of this inspection process. As always, if you have a customer service need, please call us at 802-863-4511.


Location: 21 Barber Road, St. George VT, 05495

Mailing Address: 21 Barber Road, St. George VT, 05495


Town Office Hours:

8:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

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