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Town of St. George

Town of St. George

The little town in the heart of Chittenden County, Vermont

The little town in the heart of Chittenden County, Vermont

Lake Iroquois - Photo Taken by Kristopher Crown

Lake Iroquois


The Lake Iroquois Recreational area is a 153-acre parcel of land surrounding the northern end of Lake Iroquois in the Town of Williston, Vermont. This area includes a four-acre public beach area as well as hiking trails and serves the district towns of St. George, Hinesburg, Richmond, and Williston as well as non-residents.


The beach area is host to birthday parties, individual and group functions, and summertime fun. Costs for septic maintenance and summer staff represent the majority of annual expenses. Water quality sampling is taken on a weekly basis.


The beach is open for the summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day and continues to be a beautiful and affordable local recreation area. This is a fee area and annual beach passes are available at the St. George Town Hall or day passes may be purchased at the beach.


St. George is a member of the Lake Iroquois Recreational District. The Lake Iroquois Recreational District representatives meet monthly at the Williston Town Offices.


The Lake Iroquois Recreation District Representatives are:


  • Richmond - Bruce Hoar, Chair
  • Williston - Susan Bishop, Treasurer
  • St. George - Harry Bowen
  • Hinesburg - Michelle Fischer


Beach Rules & Fees Information: Access Here

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Lake Iroquois