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Town of St. George

Town of St. George

The little town in the heart of Chittenden County, Vermont

The little town in the heart of Chittenden County, Vermont



Town of Saint George


The Town of St. George was chartered in 1763 in honor of King George III, then reigning monarch of England. Comprised of only 2,200 acres, St. George is geographically the smallest town in the State of Vermont. Located in Chittenden County, St. George is on the fringe of the greater Burlington metropolitan area.


Today, diverse neighborhoods, agricultural enterprises, a golf course and a small industrial park are located within its small borders. In order to preserve what makes our community unique, St. George welcomes the active participation of all of its residents. Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

The original town Charter provided that the town would contain approximately 26,000 acres, but the boundaries already established by surrounding towns left St. George with only 2,200 acres.  The Town of Shelburne contributed approximately 100 additional acres in 1848 but St. George still remains the smallest municipality in Vermont at 2,304 acres.


St. George remained a largely agricultural town for 200 years.  In 1958 there were half dozen farms operating in the town.  Beginning the 1960’s, however, St. George entered a time of rapid growth with the highest rate of growth in Chittenden County.


Several major developments in the town were St. George Estates and Rocky Ridge Estates, which together added approximately 40 homes.  They soon were followed by the development of a large mobile home park on Route 2A.  Development also occurred on both sides of the Mt. Pritchard ridge as well as an additional development known as “The Forest." St. George has evolved into a bedroom community for the larger towns of Burlington and Williston.

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Location: 21 Barber Road, St. George VT, 05495

Mailing Address: 21 Barber Road, St. George VT, 05495


Town Office Hours:

8:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm Thursday

Closed Friday


Tel:     802-482-5272

Fax:    802-482-5548

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